Vast Edge - Price Guide License | Product Pricing Software

Multi-software Assortment


The software supports multiple software products, making it versatile for various businesses with different offerings.

User Login and Admin Panel

It has an easy-to-handle user login system for both regular users and administrators, ensuring secure access to the system.


Streamlined Backend Access Control


Administrators can efficiently manage sales operations through streamlined backend access control, ensuring smooth management processes.

User-defined Purchase Orders

Users can create customized purchase orders, with a separate listing of software products, tailoring orders to their specific needs.


E-documentation for Custom Quote Generation and License Purchase Validation


The software offers electronic documentation capabilities for generating custom quotes and validating license purchases, streamlining the purchasing process.

Live Chat with Experts

Customers have access to live chat support, allowing them to consult with experts for assistance with online purchase services.


Quick-in-time Technical Support


The software provides timely technical support, ensuring that customers receive assistance promptly when needed, especially concerning billing and license upgrade options.

More Information

The software provides a configurator that's easy to operate and demonstrate, with the ability to instantly create quotes and email them to the customer. Several other features, such as notifications, discounts, approvals, and planning, are available in the advanced version of this software. The Price Guide software enables enterprises to reduce their lead-to-quote and quote-to-order cycle by providing their sales force and customers with an easy-to-use application.

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