Repair and Maintenance Solution by Vast Edge

Why do we need an ERP for Repair Management?

Are you a repair and maintenance facility grappling with the challenge of efficiently tracking customer orders, from receipt to dispatch and return? Vast Edge offers a tailored solution designed to streamline and enhance the tracking process, ensuring smoother operations throughout!

Repair effectiveness is of utmost importance in any firm wishing to maintain 100% support from their customer base. Unfortunately managing every request manually would likely prove unmanageable; an ERP tool can assist by linking repairs with tasks and alerting team members of deadlines for completion of repairs.


By leveraging a repair tracker, organizations can streamline their repair management process, enhance communication and transparency, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately mitigate downtime and costs associated with repairs.

What exactly is a Repair Tracker?

A repair tracker serves as a tool utilized to monitor and oversee the progress of repairs. It can function as a tool for tracking items-to-be-repaired received from customers, items dispatched for repair, and items returned following repair, among other functions. Its primary purpose is to offer real-time insight into the status of repair requests, simplifying the repair process management for repair and maintenance vendors. The Repair Solution can serve a dual purpose as an Asset Management tool within organizations, facilitating the tracking of devices in need of repair. Repair trackers find common applications across various sectors like facilities management, equipment maintenance, customer support, and automotive repair shops etc.

How Vast Edge can help?

Introducing an innovative software solution by Vast Edge tailored to streamline the operations of repair and maintenance companies. With this solution, businesses can effortlessly manage and segregate all items received for repair work, ensuring meticulous organization and efficient tracking throughout the entire process. From intake to completion, this innovative tool revolutionizes how companies keep account of their repair items, empowering them to optimize workflows, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve unparalleled efficiency in their operations.
With its smooth interface and robust features, this tool revolutionizes the way repair and maintenance tasks are managed, facilitating enhanced productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to manual tracking methods and embrace the future of repair management with Vats Edge’s repair management tool now!

Here Are the Primary Features and Capabilities Our Solution Offers:

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Submission of Requests

Users can lodge repair requests via the tool, furnishing details concerning the repair required, including issue type, location, and relevant attachments or information.

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Generation of Work Orders

Upon submission of a repair request, the repair software tool generates a work order containing comprehensive details necessary for the repair procedure. This includes request specifics, the assigned technician or maintenance personnel, priority level, and anticipated completion time

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Tracking of Progress

Through the repair tracker software, users can monitor the progress of their repair requests, accessing information regarding current status, estimated completion time, and updates or notes provided by the designated technician or maintenance team

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Assignment and Scheduling

Vast Edge’s Repair tracker incorporates features facilitating the assignment of repair tasks to designated technicians or maintenance personnel. This enables managers to allocate resources efficiently and schedule repairs based on priority, availability, and skill level

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Communication and Notifications

Vast Edge’s Repair tracker facilitates communication among requesters, technicians, and managers, enabling users to receive notifications or updates on the status of their repair requests. Technicians can also provide updates or request additional information as necessary.

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Reporting and Analytics

Vast Edge's repair tool can be used for reporting and analytics functionalities, enabling managers to generate reports on repair metrics such as turnaround time, costs, and performance indicators. This aids in identifying trends, and areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions

Integration with Other Systems: This tool can be integrated with other systems or databases such as inventory management, asset management, or accounting software to streamline the repair process and ensure accurate tracking of resources and costs.

Customize this tool as per your need! Contact Vast Edge experts today to learn more about this or schedule an appointment by clicking on the icon on the right!

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