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Mobile web usage is evolving at such a high pace that it has placed broad business opportunities in the marketplace to grow customer base and service network across the globe. While the mobile web is approaching device cynical content delivery using standardized web development, the use of responsive designs in websites has made a tremendous inclination in its demand for the next generation mobile- friendly user experience.

Creating smart next generation responsive websites

Nowadays, the end users at every corner of the world are inundated with a variety of artistic, simple and dynamic websites that efficiently allow them to represent their ideas and content in a versatile format that works with the browser service on any device- from smartphones to tablets and desktops to iPads. Responsive design caters the modern user requirements for device ready mobile optimized solution and makes your website future ready with stunning web experience. Such feature lends an immense pleasure to the visitors in navigating through your website.

Rejuvenate Your Website with Elite Responsive Designs

Web design and web development are complementary to each other. Since the process of web development lifecycle requires a set of user services to be embedded into the website, it becomes necessary for the designing and development team to manage diverse requirements including the use of advance technology and ensuring dynamic behavior of the website. Responsive design has emerged as the best practice to get cost effective and a quick time to benefit solution when it approaches to website building.

With an urge to bring a new methodology that works in compliance with the current standards of web technology, the market contenders in IT industry are approaching for a solution that streamlines a cohesive web experience and cuts down on project cost. The birth of responsive design has prompted a new way for these business players to heighten the ranking of their brand in search results and improve online traffic on their website.
Building the websites using responsive design takes into account:

Responsive CMS Templates


These are used to add beauty to the dynamic behavior of the website on smartphone, desktop, and mobile tablet. Responsive wireframes for example, provide the way to create layouts from scratch and view the most attractive areas that will grab the users attention across different devices. With this feature, the users can have a quick and adjustable view of web page in both portrait and landscape mode on their device while navigating through a website.



The use of latest version of HTML and CSS in web development projects forms the elemental part of a website functionality to offer seamless, user friendly and more responsive browsing experience. Building websites using responsive design is all about the proficient utilization of HTML and CSS elements to scale, hide, and move the content to make a web page look appealing across all devices and screen sizes.

Fluid Grid Functionality


This feature is extensively used for optimizing the consumption of users bandwidth in loading a web page. Fluid Grid is used to create more dynamic layouts by rendering flexible webpage display proportionate to the screen size. Responsive grid system allows the columns residing inside a row to re-organize themselves automatically depending upon the size of display.

Responsive Images


Introducing fixed-width images into responsive design leads to an awkward situation when it comes to displaying these images on the browser as they remain in their original dimensions on different orientation of the view port across genres of smart devices. Thanks to image grid tools for gifting developers with an easy to use grid effect technique so that they can customize the grid size of an image or a collage of images and construct screen adaptive images on the fly.

What we offer ?

VastEdge is a leading trusted name in field of IT consulting and web development. We have a vast experience in working out on advanced research practices in cross platform technologies and offer professional responsive web solutions to our clients. Our teams look into the clients core needs and derive deep insights to portray the blueprint of success in delivering robust designed websites meant for both mobile and desktop environment.

Why choose Vast Edge ?

If you are seeking to work with a leading firm that can help you grow your business leaps and bounds with latest advancements in web technology services, then VastEdge feels pleasure in rendering its professional customized, affordable and logically designed website services that will let your business mount new heights in expanding the reach to the target customers.

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