RSA Risk Based Authentication
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Risk-Based Authentication

A powerful risk engine that transparently increases security by delivering user-friendly multi-factor authentication. Risk-Based Authentication ensures that users are who they say they are while preserving the familiar username/password login experience.

Cost-Effective Authentication

Secures access cost-effectively to a wide range of applications including SSL VPNs, Web Portals, Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA), and Microsoft SharePoint.

Zero-Footprint Authenticator

Provides a convenient authentication option that requires no hardware distribution or software installation to the end user's mobile device.

Proven Technology

Utilizes proven h3 class=homehd>RSA technology that currently delivers the power of Risk-Based Authentication to 350 million users.

End-User Convenience

Increases security transparently since users authenticate via the familiar username/password login experience.
Risk-Based Authentication is a multi-factor authentication solution that strengthens traditional password-based systems by transparently assigning a risk level to each login request. A powerful risk engine evaluates each attempted login and activity in real time by tracking hundreds of risk indicators and determining the risk associated with each access request.

Risk-Based Authentication enables organizations to extend secure remote access privileges to a diverse user base and access points both internal and external without having to compromise on user convenience or privacy.

RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 enables Risk-Based Authentication to be deployed on a single platform with SecurID hardware and software authenticators. Balance security, cost, and convenience to achieve strong authentication that protects a wide range of users and use cases.

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