Salesforce Chatter

Transforming the way businesses work, Chatter makes it easy to share ideas, documents, and anything else with coworkers, instantly.
Oh, and by the way, it?free.

The Collaboration Cloud

Salesforce Chatter introduces a new world of real-time enterprise collaboration software-as-a-service. A world where collaborating at work is as easy as using Facebook. Where enterprises stay on top of what?happening in the company with real-time updates on people and groups, important documents, and top deals and accounts. And discover new experts and insights that will make job easier. All of it fueling smarter- and faster-business decisions.

In recent years, Internet dramatically changed the way all of us keeps up with friends and family. Thanks to growing popularity of social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, we always know what? happening in our personal lives, because that information is pushed right to us in real time. But what about work? Why is it still so hard to stay on top of everything that? important to us at the office? Why can? business collaboration software work as easily as Facebook?

Why Chatter?

Make business social
Connect employees to work efficiently across organizational boundaries. Collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns and projects. Simplify workflows and capture new ideas.
Share knowledge fast
Find info and experts needed. Chatter recommends relevant people, files, and information for every deal, service case, and more. Discuss competitive & market developments across the company.
Take action anywhere
Monitor latest developments at the office. Close cases, update opportunities, and act on critical account updates from anywhere to make most of every moment.


Keep up with critical projects, topics, and teams. Work together on sales opportunities, service cases, and marketing campaigns. Capture organizational knowledge in a single location.
Create instant actions for any business process: expense reports, support cases, orders, and more. Customize actions for any organization, and even integrate third party apps.
Secure, social and mobile file sharing puts files in context of business processes. Always find what is needed, fast ?nd discover valuable resources ?idn?even know about.

Social Intelligence

Chatter recommends relevant people, files, and information for businesses to follow based on activity and interests. Plus search and track any topic to find information and identify experts.

Salesforce chatter mobile

Take any action in the feed, from any device. Post to a group, download a file, update an opportunity. Stay productive and in the loop from everywhere.


Chatter: Connect with colleagues, share files, and instantly access and act on information required from any mobile device
CRM Data: Access information, update all sales deals, close support cases, or track marketing efforts in real time
Publisher: Quick access to business actions right on mobile device
Analytics: Get instant access to dashboards and analyze business performance from anywhere
Files: Access files from everywhere. Share content securely with colleagues, partners, and customers
People & Groups: Follow peers or join groups to expand enterprise network, discover new and useful information and share business expertise

Chatter Mobile for every part of the business
Boost Sales Productivity

Sell as a team, from anywhere. Log activities, advance opportunities, access dashboards ?ll from any mobile device. Salesforce

Chatter Mobile

lets spending more time selling, helping to close more deals faster.

Service that?as mobile as customers
Enable employees to deliver fast answers to customers anytime, from anywhere. Create and update critical cases, and monitor teams performance with dashboards available on mobile device.
Make every app mobile
Instantly build and deploy mobile apps by adding functionality to Chatter Mobile. Create custom actions for tasks that are unique to business ?og an IT ticket, create an inventory request or update a deal support request all from Chatter Mobile.
Collaborate from anywhere
Instantly access and act on the information needed from any mobile device. Find and share files, or get instant updates on contacts, accounts, opportunities, and more.
Optimize marketing in real time
Track key marketing metrics, collaborate on campaigns and share files and content ?ll from any mobile device.

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