SAP 4 HANA migration to Google Cloud

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Where do I start with SAP 4 HANA migration to Google Cloud?

Do we do a greenfield HANA implementation and then migrate the data i need to save costs? how do i integrate with SalesForce? How do I leverage AI/ML/Big Query to get better data insights. How do I integrate with Ariba and FieldGlass? Do I start in the corner with one of those instances in the corner to get benefits of the cloud and then leverage the full benefits of the cloud by migrating the more complex installations? Do I do a greenfield or brownfield migration? How do we deal with data transformation for code remediation? What if i have 10k code - manually - 6-7 months with 50 resources. automation with smart tools? Get your SAP instance installed in minutes. Also, you can stop/restart the instance while doing the testing for your sandbox deployments. One of the recommended solution is to deploy the base install, then create a clone where you apply patches and updates and then move your data over form the base install.

SAP transformation opportunities

Bring your SAP install as is and then start exploring transformation to HANA opportunities. There have been some examples where customers have consolidated 10's of instances to one unified instance by leveraging Google's network infrastructure. SAP has 60-70k ERP customers and 300k to 400k total customers including other products such as concur, Success Factors, Netweaver, Business Objects, Litmos, etc. Also, about 11k customers have bought the HANA licenses and 2k to 3k are in production. A typical greenfield implementation of SAP 4 HANA takes about 4 months on the cloud where you can turn on the servers in minutes. The key business drivers are that you already get an instance with several features to include your existing customizations including integrations, CI / CD for quick innovation with the core in place tightly coupled with these easy to do extensions.

SAP Cortex- An Approach to Accelerate Innovation


Google Cloud Cortex framework is a set of endorsed solution reference templates that helps customers achieve better business results with less risk, complexity, and cost. It helps from planning to delivery and provides you with reference architectures and packaged services to kickstart insights. It also provides access to the right set of tools by delivering solution accelerators that can be deployed to handle a wide range of use cases and industry scenarios, including best practices, and leverage Google Cloud's extensive experience dealing with enterprise systems.

You may take advantage of a robust data foundation of building blocks and templates for SAP setups using Google Cloud Cortex Framework. This allows you to acquire new insights by combining SAP and non-SAP data in a scalable data foundation. To take the uncertainty out of data modelling and processing, it comes with pre-defined operational data marts and change data capture processing scripts for Big Query.


Benefits of Google Cloud Cortex Framework:

It helps deploy templated solutions quickly and cost-effectively from Google Cloud and our trusted partners for specific use cases and business scenarios.

  • Accelerate Business Outcomes:
    It helps accelerate business process with easy-to-use, scenario-driven reference architectures and content that eliminate deployment guesswork.
  • Less Risk, Complexity And Cost:
    Deploy industry-leading cloud-native capabilities in a fraction of the time and cost of building them from the ground up, and
    quickly deliver differentiating capabilities to your customers.
  • Build A Scalable Technology For Future Innovation:
    Identify and support the cutting-edge technology required to deliver a wide range of current and future scenarios with ease.
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