SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Analytics Pro is a comprehensive suite of SAS analytics offerings that includes the most popular Base SAS, SAS/STAT and SAS/GRAPH. With this amazing product, you can generate graphics and reports in any desired output style. This SAS software makes use of analytical-style graphs, maps and charts, as well as standard office formats like RTFs, HTML PDFs, PowerPoint, and e-books to generate presentation reports.

Innovative Statistical Analysis for Insight Knowledge Discovery

SAS Analytics Pro is one solution that addresses the need for unifying computing efforts and obtain a single view of data. This software integrates into virtually any computing environment with a consolidated vendor portfolio that reduces the costs of licensing, maintenance, training and support. Analysts can integrate data and meet compliance mandates with better focus on outcomes. SAS Analytics Pro is designed to provide easy access to SAS Studio, a browser-based development environment. This capability further ensures that consistent information is available across the enterprise.

Key Advantages

  • Built in mapping capabilities to view linear regression results.
  • Easy graphic creation with enhanced data analysis and high-impact visuals.
  • Advanced SAS statistical procedures that deliver powerful analytic results.
  • Powerful 4GL with support for access to SQL code.
  • Speedy programming to reduce implementation costs.
  • Flexible data visualization techniques to best match the decision maker needs.
  • Scalable geolocation analysis and analytical-style data visualization.

Vast Edge and SAS

Vast Edge is proud to be a certified partner of SAS for offering services and reselling its market leading products like SAS Analytics Pro ? modernized analytics solution that provides advanced data analysis, graphics and reporting all in one bundle. This comprehensive offering arrives to you with three other SAS products viz. Base SAS, SAS/STAT and SAS/GRAPH. Visit us today to get immediate help finding the best solution to your concern regarding features, pricing, and software specifications of SAS Analytics products.

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