SAS Viya Migration on IBM Cloud

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By migrating SAS Viya to IBM Cloud, Vast Edge empowers businesses with an agile environment, multi-tenant solution for servers, along with features that yield accelerated insights, cut costs, & maximizes resilience. Vast Edge's solutions are designed by following a bottom-up approach to address the key requirements of SAS workloads. Backed by top-notch I/O and memory bandwidth, Vast Edge's cloud migration of SAS Analytics is aimed to accelerate the overall performance of the system.

Why Vast Edge for SAS Viya Migration to IBM Cloud?

SAS Analytics requires a comprehensive need of compute instances for its smooth implementation of services like data discovery, model development and operational analytics. Vast Edge's SAS Migration on IBM Cloud offers full-stack solution including servers, storage and cloud orchestration that can be scaled dynamically to cope up with resource requirements. Benefits of SAS Viya migration on IBM by Vast Edge include:


Vast Edge has been mentioned in Forbes and many other IT blogs & magazines for our quality of service and customer satisfaction. We have been ranked among the topmost cloud MSPs when it comes to deploying a reliable server and 100% availability. .


Vast Edge is a privileged partner of IBM Cloud and has full access to its resources. Our cloud engineers deploy the world's fastest supercomputers to gain access to advanced insights from SAS Analytics.


Vast Edge's comprehensive cloud suite for SAS Analytics includes servers, storage devices and IT agility features along with custom scaling, and simplified management.

SAS Viya to IBM Migration Tuning Best Practices by Vast Edge

Vast Edge leverages IBM Power System's capabilities for smooth running of SAS Analytics. Power System orchestrates 1.8X larger memory bandwidth and 2X better I/O bandwidth compared to the older processor versions and has the architecture that fulfills the requirements of SAS Viya. Some of the recommendations for the hassle-free running of SAS Viya on IBM POWER9 servers by Vast Edge:

1. Large Memory Capacity and High Data Bandwidth

Vast Edge's deployed server provisions enhanced cache, storage, and interconnect bandwidths. It smoothly integrates with large memory capacity and supports the in-memory database. POWER9 processors by IBM offers high data bandwidth that is one of the best in the class features.

2. Fast Storage Devices for Optimal Performance

Our cloud integration experts use fast storage options like SSDs and NVMe devices to provide a faster I/O speed. With this fast storage devices, the business can access the systems concurrently to enhance the throughput.

3. Simultaneous Multithreading

Vast Edge configures a single processor core to interact with multiple tenancies to command instructions dynamically. With simultaneous multithreading, POWER9 processors can deploy up to eight hardware threads. Additionally, Vast Edge configures SAS Viya in a way that it automatically determines parallelization based on the number of available hardware threads.

4. Turbo Frequency

Vast Edge configures multiple modes to leverage the most out of the cloud architecture. You can manually set the frequency performance to the turbo mode for best performance.

5. Minimize NUMA Effects in the Multi-Partition Configuration

In case of multi-socket servers, systems face non-uniform memory access (NUMA) effects, and it can have an adverse effect on the performance of servers. As a good practice, Vast Edge checks the NUMA nodes assignment in each partition to ensure optimal memory assignment. Further, we reconfigure the memory assignment to improve the performance of the partition.


6. Network Tuning in an MPP Environment

Our solution dynamically increases the maximum transmission unit size in case multiple internode networking activities takes place. It reduces the RX error count and improves network performance.

SAS Analytics Pro Toolsets Offering by Vast Edge

Web-Based Application Development Environment

SAS provides an interactive application development environment that rapidly develops and deploys a portable and customized application and graphical user interfaces with a visual frame-based approach.

Cross-Platform Support For Scalable And High Performance

SAS handles customer data to adjust or scale hardware or application to accommodate increased demand. It helps reduce time-to-solution for critical tasks and leverages high scalability and performance.

Integrate Data And Meet Compliance

SAS software integrates into virtually any computing environment to unify your computing efforts and get in a single view of data, and produce repeatable codes for easy document and verify for compliance.

Data Analysis, Transformation And Reporting

SAS enables its customers to transform data into intelligence, seek immediate value from data, make a more intelligent decision and drive all relevant changes.

Prebuilt Library Of Ready-To-Use Programs

SAS libraries allow users to safely store things like data sets and user-defined formats. Easy access to data files in case of assigning work with it.

Easy To Create Graphics For Pattern Visualization And Delivery

SAS analytical procedures automatically generate graphics along with tabular output.

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