Vast Edge - Service Planning and Project Development Services

Strategic Project Planning and Evaluation

  • Delivering thorough project planning and continuous performance reviews to ensure success.

Exceptional Talent for Build and Release Engineering

  • Providing top-tier professionals for high-quality build and release engineering services.

Advanced IT Strategy and Software Configuration

  • Expertise in IT strategy and software configuration management for optimized performance.

Custom Templates for JIRA and ERP Integration

  • Easy installation and management of custom templates for seamless JIRA and ERP project role configuration.

24/7 Support for Atlassian Suite

  • Comprehensive round-the-clock support for Atlassian, Confluence, and Bamboo administration.

Robust Development Environment

  • Offering a flexible, reliable, and secure integrated development environment.

Streamlined Build Management

  • Simplified build viewing, installation, and execution through FTP and cloud services.

Detailed Progress Insights

  • Providing intelligent insights and graphical statistics to track progress for individual releases effectively.
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