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GO instantly turns any PC into corporate desktop, allowing users to access files and applications anywhere, anytime. Its plug-and-play USB form factor allows users to easily launch a secure virtual workspace that keeps mobile data secure by segregating the virtual workspace from the host PC. Users can work offline from the encrypted USB drive or online using the Check Point GO integrated VPN client.


Secure Virtual Workspace for Strong Endpoint Security

Check Point GO virtualization technology

segregates secure workspace from the host PC, enforcing isolation between Check Point GO and host PC environments. Since Check Point GO does not write to the host, no session traces or data are left behind.

Standard Windows User Environment
Check Point GO secure virtual workspace leverages the standard Windows user environment, enabling easy navigation and rapid end-user adoption.

Integrated VPN Connectivity

Access critical files and applications anywhere using Check Point GO advanced VPN client to connect with corporate networks and secure online resources. Host PCs are scanned to ensure presence of acceptable antivirus software.
Always-on Hardware and Software Encryption
Data at rest on the

Check Point GO USB

stick is always protected with always-on AES 256-bit hardware encryption. In addition, software encryption isolates and protects data when in use.

Portable Applications
Portable applications (apps) are virtualized versions of Windows programs that run in Check Point GO Secure Workspace desktop environment.
Customization Tool
Check Point GO Customization Tool allows security admins to pre-configure polices and user profiles and burn them onto Check Point GO devices.
>> Tailor Check Point GO with corporate wallpaper
>> Pre-configure VPN settings for easy user adoption
Remote Device Lock
Check Point GO device can be configured to lock after a certain period of time or after a certan number of VPN authentication failures.
File Transfer Control
Transfer of files between personal and corporate workspace environments is strictly controlled by the security policy.
Application Control
Only pre-approved applications are allowed to run within secure virtual workspace, blocking installation of malware and other threats. GO can also block attempts to print from applications running inside of the protected environment.
Strong User Authentication
Check Point GO supports minimum password strength enforcement, as well as certificates and tokens for multi-factor authentication. A virtual keyboard can be used at login to block password theft by keyloggers.

Central Management

Check Point GO is integrated with Check Point SmartDashboard, providing central policy administration and updates through Check Point gateways, including authentication, compliance scanning, VPN settings, software updates and password recovery.


Instantly turn any PC into personal corporate desktop
>> Stay productive online and offline with a simple, encrypted USB stick
>> Go mobile without the weight of laptops or work files
>> Access files and applications anywhere, anytime with integrated VPN connectivity
>> Portable applications allow to carry apps on the GO
Virtual workspace that keeps mobile data secure
>> Provides software and hardware encryption
>> Segregates virtual workspace from the host PC
>> Controls applications and data that can run on Check Point GO
Ideal for mobile workers, contractors and disaster recovery
>> Rapidly recover from disaster by making workers productive from home
>> Contractors can securely access corporate files and applications from their own PCs

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