Vast Edge - Check Point Security Gateway Virtual Edition

Check Point Security Gateway Virtual Edition (VE)

protects dynamic virtualized environments and external networks, such as private and public clouds, from internal and external threats by securing virtual machines and applications with the full range of

Check Point Software Blades.
Inter-VM Traffic Inspection

Ensure virtual machine security with inter-VM traffic inspection using granular firewall policies and integrated intrusion prevention (IPS).

Security Gateway

VE uses

VMware VMsafe technology

to enforce hypervisor security.

Security Enforcement for Dynamic Virtualized Environments
Protection for virtual machines is uninterrupted during live migration from one host to another and while new virtual machines are added. Newly added virtual machines are segregated from existing VMs with automatic security policy enforcement.
Complete Virtualized Security Solution

Security Gateway VE

consolidates proven security functions. VMs are protected from internal and external threats with best-in-class integrated firewall, IPS, DLP, application control, identity awareness, VPN, anti-virus, anti-spam, URL filtering, web security and mobile access.

Easy-to-Deploy Security for Virtualized Environments
Security Gateway VE reduces administration overhead by automatically applying security to virtual machines without the need to change network topology configuration for VMs, VLANs or VSwitches.
Single, Unified Management
Security Gateway VE is managed from the same security management or

Multi-Domain Management (MDM)

as all other physical

Check Point security

gateways and appliances for consistent security without expense of separate management consoles.


Security for dynamic virtualized environments and clouds
>> Provides hypervisor-level security for inter-VM traffic between guests
>> Automatically secures new VMs with no network changes
>> Preserves security with zero downtime during virtual machine live migration
>> Extensible hypervisor-level security with Check Point Software Blade architecture
>> Integrates industry-leading security directly in the virtualized environment
>> Protects VMs from attack with extensible security using software blades
>> Provides antivirus and anti-malware security for VMs without an agent
>> Unified security management with physical environment
>> Consistent security policy across both physical and virtual environments
>> Granular policy enforcement based on user and VM identities
>> Visibility and auditing of virtualization configuration and security changes
>> Separation of duties between virtualization and security teams

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