VMware Virtual SAN Services | Software - designed Storage

Virtual SAN (Beta)

VMware Virtual SAN, a new software-defined storage tier, pools compute and direct-attached storage resources and clusters server disks and flash to create resilient shared storage.


Radically Simple Storage Management

Policy-based management streamlines storage provisioning and ongoing administration, automatically maintaining specified storage capacity, performance and availability levels for each virtual machine.

Self-Tuning Storage and Dynamic Load Balancing

Maintain specified storage capacity, performance and availability levels for each individual virtual machine automatically and non-disruptively.

Resiliency Against Multiple Hardware Failures

Gain ability to tolerate multiple disk and node failures, plus an efficient, time-saving break-replace approach to hardware maintenance.

Two-Click Storage Provisioning

Virtual SAN lets to quickly provision shared storage directly from vCenter during virtual machine creation, automatically aggregating server disks in cluster.

Seamless Integration with vSphere and vCenter

Virtual SAN is tightly integrated with all vCenter features, and it enables direct storage management in vCenter with same ease as compute.

High Performance with SSD Caching

Built into vSphere kernel for lowest latency, Virtual SAN uses read/write SSD caching in each host and provides intelligent data placement within the cluster.

Dynamic Scaling of Performance and Capacity

Scale on demand by adding hosts on the fly or hot-adding disks to existing server nodes.

Reduced CapEx via Server Disks

Leverage inexpensive server disks for shared storage, avoiding the capital expense of specialized hardware.

High Performance, Lower TCO

Automate and consolidate storage to get equal or better performance with an efficient converged architecture, yielding significant savings in power, space and cooling expenses.

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