NetSuite CRM Marketing Automation Software by Vast Edge

NetSuite CRM+ Marketing Automation

NetSuite CRM+ Marketing Automation enables businesses to create and execute effective campaigns to drive leads, leveraging integrated marketing automation software. This solution automates the entire marketing process, aligning campaigns and programs with sales teams for better collaboration and efficiency.

Key Benefits

Effective Multi-channel Campaign Management

Streamline the execution of marketing campaigns across various channels, including websites, emails, events, and social media.

Improved Sales Collaboration

Enhance the alignment of marketing and sales goals to improve collaboration, quickly converting leads into customers.

Shortened Sales Cycle

Deliver highly relevant content to prospects at the right time, guiding them through the buying cycle more efficiently.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain insights into campaign performance and ROI with comprehensive analytics.

Key Features

Lead Reporting and Analytics

Obtain complete insights into your marketing programs by program type, lead source, and promotions in real time. Seamlessly track lead-to-revenue to measure the ROI of lead generation programs.

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Connect with customers early in the buying cycle using search-engine-friendly pages. Achieve high rankings in search engines for dynamically generated web pages.

Campaign and Email Management

Create and track highly targeted marketing campaigns. Manage end-to-end mass email campaigns, including database management, target list creation, email personalization, and SPAM-compliant auto-unsubscribe capabilities.

Landing Page and Forms

Design landing pages with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Build reusable templates to ensure a consistent look and feel. Form submissions instantly create leads in the CRM system for immediate sales follow-up.

NetSuite's marketing automation software provides a comprehensive framework for targeting, building, executing, and measuring the success of marketing campaigns. It simplifies the lead qualification and conversion process, allowing you to track and measure prospect activity, identify when a lead meets buyer-readiness conditions, and pass that lead to sales as soon as it meets your pre-defined criteria.

For more information, visit Vast Edge's NetSuite CRM+ Marketing Automation page.

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