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Vast Edge's Medical Adherence is a cloud-based Android and IOS application that reminds patients to take their medication on time. In this application an automated alarm ringing system reminds patients of their medicine timings as prescribed by their doctors. This software provides a wide range of functionality that overall ensures good health of the patients and prevents serious issues that can be caused due to medical non-adherence.

This Medical Adherence mobile application has artificial intelligence built in to notify patients and their near and dear ones allow patients to set alarm along with the fields of date, time, and medicine description. After taking the medicine, the patient needs to tap on the application to acknowledge that they have taken the pill.


Many studies have reported that non-adherence may critically affect the patient, thereby raising medical costs. So, Vast Edge has introduced an Android application with the objective to make patients remind of their dosage timings through alarm ringing system to make them healthy and fit.

This app will also allow the patient to search for the doctors at their chosen location with doctor's contact information and availability time. It can be helpful in defense sector and emergency conditions (accidents) and can spread health care awareness. It is life-saving, money saving and time saving application which is easy to use and provides a good user interface.

This Android Application is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Medication Reminder & Healthcare- Modules

Patient Login Module

Inside this module, patient will be able to view the list of all the registered doctors with their names, contact information, phone numbers, hospital/clinic address, the availability of doctor accordingly and all other information. Patients can see the dropdown view of the diseases and can directly navigate to the list of doctors. The Reminder system consists of two parts -setting Alarm and getting notification.


Set Alarm Module

Through this module, the user can add the details of the dosage schedules, along with start and ending dates for the medicine intake. The user needs to add the description of the medicine, including name, purpose and other related description.


Get Notification Module

Once the alarm is set, the user gets the notification every time he/she needs to take the medicine. If the user wants the notification in email form, he/she can select the 'Notification through Email Mode' or if he requires it in a message format, he/she can go with 'Notification through Message Mode'.

The user can turn the notification off, if required.


Healthcare Module

Through this module, the patient can read different posts, articles, new technology in medical sciences, tips and other information to stay fit.

Registered Patients Module

This module lets the doctor view all the patients that are registered with him with all the necessary details to look after the patients.

Appointment Schedule Module

This module will help in making proper adjustments, with the appointment schedule and can set the new appointments accordingly.

Reply Mode Module

The reply mode module allows the patient to ask some questions related to the prescribed pills, medicine schedules and other queries. The doctors can reply in yes or no mode.

Why Vast Edge's Medical Adherence Application?

This android application by Vast Edge is an automated alarm ringing system with the purpose of reminding the patients about their medication timings for better health.

This application consists of many more benefits for the users:

Reliable Reminders:

The main function of this application is to remind the patient about their medication timings, which they forget due to busy schedules.

SMS And Email:

Through this app, the user can get the notifications via SMS or email as per the preference.

Easy-To-Use Interface:

The interface of the application is very user-friendly that allows the users to take proper care of their health even in between the busy schedules.

One-Tap Doctor Assistance:

This app allows the users to connect with the doctors very easily and reliably at just one tap, and get the required assistance to stay fit and healthy.

Inbuilt Navigation System:

This app will allow users to locate the nearest registered hospitals according to their current location.

Reliable And Cost Effective:

This app is very easy to use that allows the users to take proper care of the health at very low cost by just installing medication and healthcare app.


Why should one care about medication adherence?

In today's hectic world, almost every person is suffering from some disease, like asthma or diabetes. People with these common conditions take their medicine as directed only 50- 60% of the time. It is likely you or someone you know has one of these conditions and is struggling to take the medicine as directed- and this can have serious health consequences. Sometimes, it can be even worse and can cost a life.

What are the barriers to medication adherence?

Lifestyle obstacles, patient incompatibility, forgetting to take medicine, and nonexpert counsel were all identified as barriers to medication adherence. These ideas are always present in the disease process, and they make it more difficult for patients to live a regular life and take their medication.

What affects adherence?

Adherence is a multifaceted issue that is influenced by a variety of circumstances. The factors can be roughly divided into the following five dimensions: Social and economic, health care system, health condition, therapy and patient.

What is the difference between medical adherence and medical compliance?

Medication adherence is defined as "the act of filling new prescriptions or refilling prescriptions on time," whereas medical compliance "the act of taking medication on schedule or as prescribed."

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