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RSA Security Analytics

Security Analytics

Big Data Security

Capture massive amounts of diverse and rapidly changing security-relevant data including network packets, logs, and asset information and pivot on terabytes of data in real time, executing forensic investigations that once took days in just minutes.

High-Powered Analytics

Gain insight to perform both short- and long-term free-form contextual analysis, eliminating blind spots and enabling security analysts to view and understand data better and faster than ever before.

Threat Intelligence

Fuse threat intelligence from global security community and RSA FirstWatch with organizations data to know what to look for and leverage what others have already uncovered.

Compliance Support

Automate the generation of compliance reports and support long-term forensic analysis, proving compliance as an outcome of good security practices.


RSA Security Analytics helps security analysts detect and investigate threats often missed by other security tools. Leveraging the proven technology of

RSA NetWitness

Security Analytics provides converged network security monitoring and centralized

Security information and event management


Security Analytics combines big data security collection, management, and analytics; full network and log-based visibility; and automated threat intelligence enabling security analysts to better detect, investigate, and understand threats they often could not easily see or understand before.

High-Powered Analytics

>> Monitoring and Analytics: Provides a single platform for capturing and analyzing large amounts of network, log, and other data
>> Incident Investigation: Accelerates security investigations by enabling analysts to pivot through terabytes of metadata, log data, and recreated network sessions with just a few clicks
>> Long-Term Warehouse: Archives and analyzes long-term security data through a distributed computing architecture. Provides built-in compliance reports covering a multitude of regulatory regimes

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