SAS Software Solutions by Vast Edge

1. SAS Office Analytics

  • Supervised storytelling integrated with SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • Data access and centralized metadata management.
  • Application Integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Outlook.
  • Interactive reporting for actionable insights with SAS Visual Analytics.
  • Centralized storage and management of metadata from multiple sources
  • Unlimited user licenses and no server core limitation. RYF is $11000
  • SAS Office Analytics unlimited users license with annual renewal cost of $5900
  • Access SAS from your Microsoft Office applications

2. SAS Marketing Analytics

  • Powerful Marketing Automation and Campaign Optimization
  • Persona-based Campaign Workflow Checklists
  • Highly Efficient Priority Optimization Engine
  • Unmatched Behavioral Analytics Performance
  • Integrated Faceted Search and Multi-select Capabilities
  • Intuitive Interface Built with Dynamic Page Flip Technology

3. SAS Installation

  • Server Virtualization & Deployment.
  • Install and Configure SAS products using SAS Deployment Wizard
  • Cross Platform Utility Installation on Windows, Unix/Linux
  • Upto Four Server Deployment with Extensible Premium Installation

4. Customer Intelligence 360

  • Complete and Unified View of Multiple Customer Profile
  • Built-in Dynamic Data Collection & Contextualization Technology
  • Predictive Modeling Support for Advanced Optimization Routines
  • Data Integration Across SAS and Non-SAS Customer Channels
  • Formulate Brand Touchpoints Based on Behavioral Interaction
  • Customizable UI for Effective Digital Asset Management

5. SAS Analytics Pro

  • Web-based application development environment.
  • Data analysis, transformation and reporting.
  • Prebuilt library of ready-to-use programs.
  • Cross-platform support for scalable and high performance.
  • Easy to create graphics for pattern visualization and delivery.
  • Integrate data and meet compliance mandates.
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