Oracle Analytics Cloud Connector for EBS ERP



Oracle provides two ways to connect enterprise business suite (EBS) on-premise ERP to Oracle analytics cloud; though direct ODBC connection and by using remote data connectors. Both options work fine to connect the two platforms and have their own pros and cons. the ODBC connection is easier to establish and pull the data, however, this option exposes the entire dataset posing higher security risks. On the other hand, the RDC option connects to the on-prem WebLogic server that connects to the database to offer added security and data caching. The RDC option enables you to directly visualize EBS data using OAC DV.

The 3 steps required to implement this are 1) setup the public and private keys, 2) setup firewall to open the connection to OAC, 3) copy the RDC war file to on-premise EBS Weblogic server, and 4) setup OAC connection pool using OAC client desktop tool to connect to the EBS HTTP web server.

Remember to download the RDC war file for your app server (Oracle Weblogic or Apache tomcat). Make sure to configure your RDC App to point to the EBS data source using JDBC connector.

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