World Surf League Oracle ERP Migration to OCI

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World Surf League, a global sports and media company, provides the world's best surfing experience across Australia, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. WSL is the governing authority for professional surfers with more than 6.5M followers on Facebook and is the 3rd highest watch sport after the NBA and NFL.

Problem Statement

World Surf League (WSL) had complications in computing performance in the cloud environment for multi-regional end-users. Their data was residing on Oracle financial cloud and needed to migrate on OCI for better connectivity. Their business required a dynamic dashboard for unified access to data. The pivotal task was to implement all these changes while providing a secured environment.

Our Solution

Vast Edge provided a cloud-oriented solution leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to accommodates all the changes while used Oracle APEX to for apps and dashboard configuration.

High-Performance Cloud Environment- Vast Edge utilized high-performance cloud platform deploying advanced modern technologies like Bare Metal Cloud Service and OCI BYOH along with Edge Accommodations like Email, DNS, Load Balancer for multiple locations.

Customizable Dashboard- Vast Edge configured a dashboard with well-developed implements with pre-configured themes and templets for faster deployments leveraging Oracle's cloud native app development platform APEX.

Secure Database Migration- Vast Edge integrated the DB migration with virtual machine and block storage deploying Boot Volume Migration and Data Volume Migration.

Backup& Disaster Recovery-Vast Edge created an RMAN backup for DB instances and uploads to OCI object instances.

Block Volume Restore-Vat Edge helps to restore block volume snapshots on OCI.


Vast Edge promised to WSL for advanced OCI deployments and backupthrough advanced technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning. We met all the SLAs while integrating a scalable solution with reduced cost. Utilizing OCI, Vast Edge configured highly available and high performance cloud environment while ensuring security and reliability.


>> Millions of financial receipts and bills were successfully migrated from Oracle Financial cloud to OCI.
>> Secured processing of data and advanced security was ensured while extracting data.
>> All the project requirements were met and it was completed within the required timeframe.

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