Natura MS Dynamics GP and SQL Server to OCI Migration Case Study by Vast Edge

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Natura is an interior horticultural design, installation and maintenance firm servicing all major markets in Texas. They care for PLANTS & PEOPLE within the built environment. Their purpose and passion is to create environments where PEOPLE THRIVE-and Natura does this by designing innovative ways to reconnect people with nature. They incorporate live plants, green wall systems, and holiday decor packages in the spaces where we live, work, learn, and play.


Natura ran its application on-premise, whose availability and performance is very critical to Natura's consumers. Hence, the main challenge with Natura's application was its performance and its availability. The on-premise hosted the Application and its Database (MS Dynamics GP, MS SQL Server) faced multiple recurring outages thereby impacting their business users.

Solutions Offered

Vast Edge did an assessment of their existing Infrastructure, applications, data, operation processes, and then recommended that they move their application to OCI (Oracle Infrastructure Cloud).
Vast Edge migrated their system from on-premise to Oracle Cloud within a few days. In order to improve application performance, increase its availability, responsiveness and consistency, Vast Edge migrated the on-premises applications to Oracle Cloud.
Vast Edge offers a comprehensive suite of services that work for Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation and migrations. It allows you to connect business financials, sales, services and operations to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions.


>> Improved Application performance.
>> High availability of the Application thereby enhancing Customer experience.
>> Scalability with reduced cost.
>> Time Saving, as with the Cloud you can get more work done in less time with less resources.


Autonomous Systems- Vast Edge improved infrastructure by instilling machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our cloud experts aligned their system's data while refining and enriching datasets and quality insights.
Specific Solutions- Natura's priority was creating an environment where people can thrive. We enhanced their application performance with high availability so that customers continue having great experiencing while purchasing their services.
24/7 Support-Vast Edge enhanced Natura's efficiency by managing the critical application and the databases.
Pluggable SDK Modules- Vast Edge fast paced the migration using wide range of SDKs that can be integrated easily with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure APIs.


Natura Dynamics Migration

Vast Edge assisted Natura with Dynamics migration that unified multiple business channels into a single scalable and agile platform to bring in the much-needed digital disruption. Vast Edge empowered Natura with next-gen cloud application that enables end-to-end business processing driven by unified navigation, industry-grade expertise and seamless integration.


Vast Edge leveraged Dynamics Migration for Natura to configure.
>>Top-notch productivity with custom-build applications.
>>A powerful and highly adaptable platform for effective business transformation.
>>Data-silos removing integrated applications.
>>Informed decision-driven making with insightful intelligence.
>>The commitment of product principle with an assured roadmap.
>>Cloud-driven browser-based application.
>>Seamless integration with office 365 applications.
>>In-built intelligence for predictive analysis and decision-making.

Workflow Engine Implementation

Vast Edge empowered Natura in managing, executing and automating the business process by leveraging workflow engine implementation. Post-implementation, Natura was able to update the version of the engine whenever they like. Vast Edge configured a dedicated engine for each service to ensure dynamic and on-demand scalability. We integrated a local operating tool that is 100% focused on the workflows. The tool ensured full access to DevOps to orchestrate a dynamic improvement cycle.


>> Facilitate the flow of information, tasks and events.
>> Restricted access to the information.
>> Ease out business processes.
>> Tasks with time-set benefit make the process faster.
>> Keep a track of client's data and history of participants.

Active Directory Migration and Implementation

Vast Edge's Active Directory implementation and migration in Natura's system-aided them in transferring information from existing domain to a new cloud-based domain. Additionally, we empowered Natura in achieving a truly centralized management system. AD migration from Vast Edge orchestrated features like:

>> State of the art password policy support.
>> Faster synchronization between AD domain services.
>> SKU up-gradation for better domain control.
>> AD account lockout protection.
>> Manage domain by emails.
>> High business availability across the globe.
>> Business scalability between connections.
>> Data Analytics Implementa

Data Analytics Implementation

Vast Edge's data analytics implementations in Natura's system-aided them in analysing and processing raw information to gain meaningful insights. Our solutions leverage cutting edge technologies to extract better insight, increase the overall efficiency of the system and delivers critical information for BI decision making.

>> trategy and Governance: We orchestrated a data management framework to generate value for Natura.
>> Vertical Data Solutions: Vast Edge configured agile algorithms, automated processing, visualization and dynamic dashboard to implement end-to-end data business solution for Natura.
>> Enterprise Risk Management: Vast Edge implemented a framework to ensure risk-averse decision making for better functionality and continuous improvement.

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