Manufacturing Industry Cloud-Based IoT Sensor & Transducer Case Study by Vast Edge

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A leading manufacturing company working in the field of sensors and transducers used in home appliances like connected homes and devices. It was one of the Fortune 50 companies that have a workforce of more than a million employees globally.

Problem Statement

The manufacturing company was in dire need of an IoT device to capture deep insights into customer intelligence and enhance the operational efficiency of their risk analytics tools. On top of that, they were concerned about the security of the device while connecting it to their secured network.

Solution Provided

Vast Edge developed a cutting edge IoT device to address all the need of the firm. Using the potential of cloud technology, Vast Edge modernized their existing infrastructure and deliver high-speed application services to the customer. Vast Edge leveraged the IoT initiatives to adapt and transform their technology into a hybrid IT service environment.


  • Enhanced Cloud-enabled computing capabilities for potential business growth.
  • Integrated smart analytics for better data organization and insights extraction.
  • Ensured long-term historical intelligent data assets for their businesses.
  • Reduced cost of the overall project while meeting all the deadlines and SLAs.
  • Developed a platform to generate connected business intelligence.



Connected IoT and Cloud- With a deep understanding of meaningful data extraction from the IoT, Vast Edge carried on stimulated and effective improvements in a broad category of data-driven business processes.

Hassle-free Connectivity- Vast Edge ensured a 24/7 connectivity with a proper backup procedure in order to tackle any case of emergency. The enterprise can now deliver their critical IoT data to the target applications with a more dynamic approach by making use of REST APIs.

Real-time Updates-Vast Edge deployed solution allowed the firm to perform real-time analysis on big data elements and operate on predictive analytics to extract value from IoT streams and events.

Cost-Effective Scalability- In order to ensure cost-cutting of the project, Vast Edge integrated a system to acquire and analyze data from various IoT devices or sensors and optimized the overall processing of the data operations.

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