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AGNITY Global Inc., (AGNITY) is a global provider of Intelligent Business Communication Apps and infrastructure for Communications and HealthCare verticals. AGNITY's products leverage Cloud, mobility and real time communication technologies to enable enterprise customers transform their business processes for workplace collaboration, become more competitive and capitalize on new market opportunities.

Problem Statement

Agnity was looking to create a framework for minimization of ADG master failover time and to create framework for OGG synchronization across sites. So, Vast Edge worked on the configuration of 3-Node Active DataGuard cluster during master failover, and GoldeGate has been configured to keep the sync between the master nodes at each of the two connected sites. We also managed database and POC activities on demand.

Our Solution

Vast Edge has performed the following activities as part of this configuration process:

  • Configuration of Network
    - 2 VCN's (one in each data center) with 3 subnets each.
  • Installed 6 Oracle enterprise databases
  • Installed Application on virtual servers.
  • Configured Active Data Guard to 2 failover nodes for each VCN using max protection modes.
  • Installed Golden Gate on 4 separate nodes to test database syncing across data center sites.
  • Tested the solution with downtime during failover from master to slave nodes (downtime would be of few seconds)
  • Tested the following scenarios and made sure that there is no outage for reading transactions and only a few seconds outage for writing transactions and database synchronization.
    - Reboot and shutdown of servers
    - Network isolation and network outage
    - Failover golden gate hub from primary to standby
    - Process restart and necessary failover to peer node for any process kill/exit for Goldengate node or database node.


  • No outage for reading transactions and only a few seconds outage for writing transactions.
  • Only a few seconds downtime during failover from master to slave nodes.
  • Enabled reads even during master failover through active data guard.


Vast Edge has also provided training via documents to Agnity staff for installation and configuration on their servers.

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