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Double Blaze, a management consulting company, was looking out for a cloud-based service provider assisting them in migrating its client data stored on cloud to Oracle Cloud Platform. Expertise in e-Commerce (B2B, B2C), social commerce, and software solution, clarify business needs, defines development and improvement on ongoing business solutions. Since founded in 2011, the US-based company win repeat business with its clients as delivers successful practical solutions to complex business problems.

Problem Statement

Since Double Blaze hosting many clients by direct or website contact deals in many services, having trouble keeping up its client data stored on AWS cloud platform. There were many goals of the project covering various magnitudes such as software up-gradation, real-time availability, database features, on-time, and under budget solutions. Demanding a secure and cost-effective solution needs its business data managed on the cloud platform.

Our Solutions

Vast Edge follows a pre-planned procedure for managing oracle cloud services leveraging cloud computing, networking, connectivity and governance.


>> Offers a fully featured oracle database on oracle cloud.
>> Pre-existing Adaptors for your e-Commerce software deployed on cloud platform.
>> Vast Edge offers Trainings on Database and Integration Cloud.
>> A pre-configured OCI environment with better customer experience is provided.
>> Provide a fast, secure, flexible and cost-effective solution.


Lower TCO using Integration solution-We offer an Oracle Database for lowering your IT costs, maintaining security and fulfilling all your business needs.

Oracle Database Cloud Provisioning- A cloud database migration with preplanned procedure keeping your actual data safe withdrawing its many copies offered.

Vast Edge conducts several online trainings sessions- Vast Edge training programs helps you maximize the value of your IT investment by empowering your employees with the skill and knowledge need to handle crucial business tasks efficiently.

Demonstrated e-Commerce Integration- Our e-Commerce advance is cloud-based platform for optimizing online shopping experience on any device with pixel-perfect design capabilities.


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