Google's AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

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A Managed PostgreSQL-Compatible Service Targeting Enterprise Deployments

Google Cloud Platform unveiled a new parallel database, AlloyDB, at Google's I/O 2022 virtual conference. AlloyDB is a fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service for your most demanding enterprise database workloads. AlloyDB combines the best of Google with one of the most popular open-source database engines, PostgreSQL, for superior performance, scale, and availability.

It is compatible with PostgreSQL 14, providing portability for existing workloads and transitioning off of legacy databases. It has been claimed by Google that AlloyDB is four times faster for transactional workloads, and up to 100 times faster for analytical queries than a standard PostgreSQL deployment.

Key Features Of AlloyDB:

  • Fully Managed Database Service : AlloyDB is a fully managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service which automates administrative tasks such as backups, replication, patching, and capacity management.
  • Fast Transactional Processing : AlloyDB is more than 4X faster than standard PostgreSQL for transactional workloads.
  • High Availability : It automatically detects and recovers from most database failures within 60 seconds, independent of database size and load.
  • Real Time Business Insights : AlloyDB is up to 100X faster than standard PostgreSQL for analytical queries, with zero impact on operational performance.
  • Customer-Friendly Pricing : Pricing is transparent and predictable, with no expensive, restrictive licensing. You're only charged for what you use, with no additional storage costs for read replicas.

Performance And Availability Standards:

  • 4X faster for transactional workloads and up to 100X faster for analytical queries than standard PostgreSQL.
  • 2X faster than Amazon's comparable PostgreSQL compatible service for transactional workloads.
  • Backed by a 99.99% availability SLA to avoid any disruptions to your apps.
  • Has scale-out architecture, intelligent caching, AI/ML power management

Today enterprises are struggling to free themselves from legacy database systems, and need an alternative option to modernize their applications. Our cloud experts help you provide this powerful PostgreSQL-compatible database service for modernizing your most demanding enterprise database workloads. Teams often struggle with performance tuning, disruptions caused by vacuuming, and managing application availability. AlloyDB helps in overcoming these issues by industry-leading availability, security, and AI/ML-powered management with full PostgreSQL compatibility.

Also, by offering AlloyDB, Google Cloud does an enormous service for large enterprises, helping them to take full advantage of all the advantages of PostgreSQL while achieving improved speed, functionality, and predictable and transparent pricing. Contact us to connect with our cloud experts and know more about this latest database service as AlloyDB is the next major milestone in our journey to support customer's heterogeneous migrations. Our team of experts do all this while maintaining full compatibility with PostgreSQL 14, the latest version of the advanced open-source database, so you can reuse your existing development skills and tools, and migrate your existing PostgreSQL applications without any changes in the code.

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