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Oracle APEX Apps

Do you want to make your database real-time? Are you thinking of integrating Google Firebase into your Oracle APEX-based applications? If yes! let Vast Edge assist you in achieving it. Oracle APEX is a web app development tool for Oracle databases that uses a low code platform with graphical user interfaces instead of traditional computer programming.

Vast Edge is a "Global Gold Partner" of Oracle and has been mentioned in Forbes as one of the most sought-after cloud MSPs. Vast Edge has a team of 100+ Oracle-certified specialists who have revolutionized the way cloud-native apps are developed. Leveraging the programmability of APEX, Vast Edge adds business logic to your system's events including features like button clicks, recursive record updates, and Visualforce pages.

Oracle APEX Apps deployment by Vast Edge:

  • Simple Layout

    Vast Edge provides a rich, browser-based, intuitive interface for your apps to enhance the ease of access of apps and smooth running of it. Vast Edge uses the Application Builder functionality of APEX to design the powerful components of apps adding a high level of integration with limited coding.

  • Proven Expertise

    Vast Edge has experience of more than 2 decades when it comes to configuring web and mobile apps. Vast Edge has deployed a wide range of apps starting from as simple as a basic calculator to mission-critical apps for the US Department of Defense. The hybrid architecture encapsulating pluggable modules and pre-build SDKs designed by Vast Edge reduces the overall deployment time of your apps.

  • Secure Architecture

    We understand that your data is critical. Vast Edge uses a multi-factor authentication protocol while designing your apps using Oracle APEX to integrate highly secure out-of-the-box solutions. Vast Edge uses adaptive security features to tackle highly resourceful hackers and secure your scare databases.

  • Portable Systems

    Vast Edge uses a cloud-based architecture for running and developing your apps so that you can access the backend of your apps from anywhere. Our experts allow enterprises to deploy their apps across applications and environments with ease.

  • Some of the other features provided in Oracle APEX are:

    ~ JSF 2 support

    ~Complete Javascript API

    ~Easy drag-and-drop architecture

    ~The extended data visualization component

    ~150+ AJAX-enabled components

Vast Edge's expertise for Oracle APEX Firebase integration

Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) that provides a real-time database management service. It entrusts developers with an API to sync the client's data with a cloud database. Firebase is well-equipped to cope with critical errors for iOS and Android apps. On top of that, it allows push notifications and email alerts to all the connected devices in case any problem is detected.

Specified Notifications

Firebase allows enterprises to send a notification. Vast Edge leverages the notification console GUI to allow any system to send targeted user notifications.

Dynamic Segmentation

Leveraging the manageability of Firebase, Vast Edge will ease out your user base management by segregating the audience on parameters like device information, custom events, and user characteristics.


Vast Edge integrates advertising facility into your web or mobile apps through Firebase so that you can generate profits from it. Our experts also let you design marketing campaigns and advertising strategies using Google Analytics.

Real-time Database

Our cloud experts harness the cloud-based database of Firebase to synchronize and JSON your data to all connected devices. We manage the backend component of Android, iOS, or Web app to provide real-time updates to users without creating a database or an API.

Hybrid Authentication

Vast Edge offers dynamic UI Libraries and SDKs using Firebase for authenticating users across application through email id, password, or username. This feature adds multi-level security for accessing and saving user data in the cloud.

Secured and Flexible Storage

Leveraging the flexibility of Firebase, Vast Edge specialists' will scale up the limitation of reporting and will allow access to as many as 500 different events simultaneously while creating an app for storing and serving files of users.

Google App Indexing

Google indexing is a pivotal aspect for any business to ensure brand visibility and higher sales. Vast Edge harnesses the App Indexing feature of Firebase to feature your app in the Google search results.

Industry-Grade Hosting

Our APEX-Firebase integration allows fast, secure, static, and industry-grade hosting capabilities for developers and entrusts them with an efficient tool to deploy web apps and static Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Apex Web Service for Firebase Messaging


Although Oracle offers enterprise-grade chatbots that can easily be integrated into APEX, you can also call APEX rest services to integrate with Google Firebase. Here's an example code that you can text in your PL/SQL code on insert or update triggers to send push notifications to your support team's mobile devices and meet your SLAs.

APEX_web_service.g_request_headers(1).name := 'Content-Type';
APEX_web_service.g_request_headers(1).value := 'application/json';
APEX_web_service.g_request_headers(2).name := 'authorization';
APEX_web_service.g_request_headers(2).value := 'key=your key goes here';
l_clob := APEX_web_service.make_rest_request(
p_url => '',
p_http_method => 'POST',
p_parm_name => APEX_util.string_to_table('notification:to:data'),
p_parm_value => APEX_util.string_to_table('{"title": "Patriots vs Rams","text": "5 to 1"}:"your key":{"message":"New Ticket has been assigned to you"}')

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