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Why Oracle Functions?

As a developer, do you want to focus only on writing codes instead of managing infrastructure? Does your organization often struggle to manage resource allocation when traffic surges or slumps? Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to cut down the pricing for idle resources? If yes, then you must opt for the Oracle functions, which are fully managed and auto-scalable Functions-as-a-Service platform built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Together with Oracle functions, Vast Edge enables the enterprises to provision, monitor, and upgrade their functions serverless.

Vast Edge is a global Oracle gold partner, a leading NetSuite SuiteLife partner, Cloud Select, MSP, and velocity designations with skills and expertise to build, deploy, run, and manage the Oracle Cloud Platform for both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads. Since 2004, Vast Edge has been providing Oracle consulting services and has assisted 70+ customers to successfully migrate to Oracle cloud till date. Vast Edge was mentioned by Oracle on Forbes for successfully migrating customers from other clouds and on-prem to Oracle cloud.

Why Vast Edge for Serverless Functions?

Being an Oracle Cloud expert, Vast Edge has successfully deployed Oracle functions for organisations on both Oracle cloud infrastructure and on-prem to unlock even more value from their enterprise data.

  • Vast Edge provides end to end solutions and services for the rapid deployment of Oracle functions and enables organizations to write, deploy and call their functions without managing framework.
  • Vast Edge administers the resource allocation for organisations with the autoscaling feature of Oracle functions and enables them to deal with the occasional or irregular workloads without forecasting the peak demands before.
  • With Oracle functions, Vast Edges facilitate flexible pricing for companies, so that you only pay for those resources which are consumed during implementation rather than paying for inactive resources.
  • Our Oracle cloud experts at Vast Edge leverage the Fn Project open-source engine of Oracle functions for the proper execution of functions on-prem and enables customers to develop, test and operate their functions locally with no expenses for infrastructure management.
  • Vast Edge has full access to Oracle knowledge hub & direct access to Oracle solution engineers and provides 24x7 support ensuring the efficient functioning of your codes on Oracle cloud platform with the advantage of new generations of processors and networking technology of Oracle cloud.

Vast Edge has immense knowledge of Oracle Storage Solutions, Oracle SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products with 100+ Trained Engineers and 40+ Oracle Certified experts to make your cloud journey smooth and successful. Since 2016, Vast Edge has been one of the first partners to embrace Oracle cloud and was recognized by Oracle as one of the top System Integrators at Jan 2019 Seattle event and invited as the panellist with other 4 corporates such as Accenture, Deloitte, and KPMG.

Vast Edge offers Small and Medium Business Discounts.

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