Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Software as a Service

Software as a service (SaaS) is a computing software based on cloud distribution model whereby a third-party provider is intended to host the applications over the Internet for the customers, which are purchased over the internet and are being used with the files stored on cloud . These applications include financial planning, billing and accounting, performance monitoring and sales management, CRM and business collaboration.
Unlike purchase software, SaaS is likely to be a subscription service provided to the users as an on-demand utility which further requires a licence for deployment. The softwares licence may also confine the number of device users who can deploy the SaaS application software.

SaaS Software Utility

Subscription on-demand: SaaS has now become a suitable platform for mission-critical applications. It is often called as Web-based software or hosted software. For subscribing to the required module, businesses may avail the service on internet and access it online with a username and a password. The subscribers of SaaS can be either only one individual or two people or every employee in a corporation that holds a strength of hundred.

SaaS Capabilities: SaaS can be installed as an upfront package with the existing software applications. Purchase options are available for the businesses depending on their requirements. It may be used as a whole or even a module of software can be used to perform the tasks. The major advantages of SaaS architecture are:

>> It requires no hardware or software to be installed or purchased by the customers.
>> It is a multitenant architecture which offers a central infrastructure and code base commonly available to all the vendors.
>> SaaS architecture offers unique easy-to-understand point-and-click customization to the users.
>> Upgradations can be made with lower cost and least customer risk.
>> It offers flexible switching to new version of software that better meets the changes in the requirements.
>> SaaS applications run on the servers of SaaS providers who are responsible to manage security, access, and performance of these applications.

What we provide ?

VastEdge is a certified partner of global market providers of cloud services including IBM, Oracle, SAP, and many more. With years of experience and working upon of latest advent in technology paradigms, VastEdge is leading in assisting businesses to securely optimize their enterprise network. Our solutions have been trusted by clients all over the world since long our establishment including:

NetSuite Cloud Software Suite

NetSuite is a well known software technology company that offers SaaS integrated software for business management including e-commerce, ERP and CRM, accounting, purchase and order management, and Professional Services Automation applications. NetSuite SaaS software for business management has been ranked in the top cloud based suites to provide services across more than 30,000 companies.

Salesforce SaaS Cloud Suite

Salesforce is considered as the founder of SaaS industry. It is well known for providing the best CRM software, cloud services including, PaaS cloud capability, and AppExchange to leverage application management social performance abilities. Besides this, Salesforce has marked a considerable presence in IT industry with its SOAP/REST Web service API for seamless infrastructure integration.

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