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Do you want to build data-driven applications merely using graphical UIs to meet business needs? Do you need to carry out a quick, easy and accurate data analysis on business' big data? If the answer to any of these is yes! PaaS Cloud Services enable enterprises to easily deploy, run and manage custom cloud applications without building and maintaining their own servers and infrastructure. Vast Edge assists enterprises by providing PaaS cloud services for faster development and deployment of applications at affordable pricing.

Why Use Cloud PaaS?

    Vast Edge enables long-term business growth in a pre-planned way, managing workloads with existing hardware resources leveraging PaaS architecture.

    > Allows IT to respond quickly in case of an unexpected spike in business demands.
    > High-powered resources update systems and increase power and storage with ease at a comfortable price.
    > Reduces DR pricing by eliminating the need for building and maintaining secondary data centers.

    Vast Edge brings transparency to cloud security and fulfills customer's demands.

    > Ensures the safety of data stored and advises to monitor changes in technology.
    > Allows service providers in comply with all confidence tests and provide satisfactory and uninterrupted services.
    > Implements certain laws and regulations for good customer experience.

    Leveraging PaaS services, Vast Edge enables businesses to plan, configure, migrate, monitor and maintain technical items including hardware and software tools.

    > Free users from having to install in-house hardware and software to run a new application.
    > One-stop place leveraging scalability, high availability and multi-tenant capability.

    We further enable enterprises to lower their TCO by eliminating capital costs and bringing data security against cloud breaches or data leaks.

    > Reduce risks with backup services and decreasing overall downtime lowers TCO.
    > Along with Lowering TCO, offers faster development and increases employee productivity and flexibility.

    PaaS Cloud deploys multi-cloud capability that eliminates the problem of cloud silos.

    > Builds popular PaaS apps integrating with top enterprises like Google App Engine, Heroku, Cloud Foundry and Microsoft Azure.
    > PaaS enables connectivity to SaaS and Cloud services and provides a secure method of accessing on-premises apps behind a firewall.

No/Low-Code Application PaaS Platform

PaaS cloud offers a No/Low-Code Platform that explodes with innovation and drives unprecedented values for customers. It leverages a code generation approach that empowers users to run applications as well as create them.

  • Oracle APEX Low Code Platform

    Oracle APEX Low Code platform lets you build data-driven apps quickly without having to learn complex web technology. Vast Edge enables you to quickly customize, search and filter data, build incredible apps and solve real problems. Also, helps assess the quality of applications and identify errors in advance. Capabilities of no/low-code Oracle APEX:

    Graphical and consistent development user interface.
    > Powerful data management and data visualization components.
    > In-built genius advisor and peace of mind applications.
    > Drag-n-drop page design capability.
    > Locale and multi-language translator.

  • Oracle Visual Builder

    Oracle Visual Builder lets you rapidly create and deploy a web-mobile application with minimal coding to meet business needs. Vast Edge configured Oracle Visual Builder enables you to extend Oracle Cloud Applications with no expert coding while meeting industry regulatory compliance. It also empowers you to access and build applications using business objects and store data and consume services using data objects. Enterprise-grade features of Oracle VB orchestrated by Vast Edge are:

    Single sign-on access and service catalogs using OCA.
    > Applications extension using standard HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS techniques.
    > Powerful visual app design with drag-and-drop components and WYSIWYG interfaces.
    > In-built multi-channel web and mobile applications.
    > Highly available and highly scalable service in a single click.

  • Azure Power Apps

    Azure Power Apps helps non-professional developers build cloud-ready applications leveraging techniques without writing actual programming code. Vast Edge provisions for the ever-growing demand for enterprise apps and a dearth of hard-to-find and highly paid professional developers. Innovating pre-built templates and drag-and-drop composability blends code-first tools like Power Apps to accelerate the delivery of business apps. Capabilities of Azure Power Apps configured by Vast Edge include:

    Microsoft Power Apps and API management seamlessly work together to allow developers to scale Power Apps solutions with custom connectors hosted in Azure.
    > Integration with GitHub, allows the development team to collaborate on projects.
    > MS Power Virtual Agent and Bot framework allow developers and business users to build bots together.
    > Allows developers to automate desktop activities.

  • Visual Studio

    Azure Visual Studio lets you build an application in your favorite language using sample code as a developer. Additionally, it extends integration beyond Azure allowing you to edit, debug and deploy a powerful multi-language code editor running on the cloud. Leveraging Visual Studio, Vast Edge empowers businesses to deploy scalable and performant web-to-mobile apps and games using sample coding.

    > More productivity from creating reliable and secure apps.
    > Automates repetitive tasks and saves time.
    > Expertise and skill of building apps .
    > Brings real-time insight deploying an end-to-end platform and toolsets that deliver an extraordinary app experience.

  • AWS NO/Low-Code Platform

    AWS Joget empowers business users, non-coders, or coders to create enterprise applications for customer management, operational excellence, business process management and administration. It combines the best of business process automation, workflow management and rapid application development in a simple, flexible and open platform.

    > It offers a visual and web-based interface that instantly builds and maintains apps anytime, anywhere and deploys faster and simpler digital transformation.
    > AWS Joget offers comfortable pricing on easily built and adaptable applications leveraging the low total cost of ownership.
    > Mobile-optimized and cloud-ready apps are generated in minutes reducing time to market from months to weeks or days.
    > Modular plugin architecture with APIs for integration and seamless app installs from the Joget Marketplace.

IBM MobileFirst

IBM MobileFirst platform offers a comprehensive development environment, mobile-optimized runtime middleware and a private enterprise application store. Providing mobile-web standard-based technologies and tools, helps organizations develop, test, run and manage mobile applications over minimal coding. Vast Edge helps business users to prototype in-minutes enterprise-ready apps with no prior programming knowledge or coding experience.
Vast Edge provides expertise and skills to leads significant backlogs and lost business opportunities accelerating mobile app portfolio expansion. With speed and quality, we empower users to respond to business demands and work quickly and secure them connecting to back-end systems to spur broader enterprise adoption.

Cloud Analytics

Oracle Cloud Analytics

Oracle Cloud Analytics helps you gain business intelligence and leverage ML/AI analyzing data to make smarter predictions and better decisions. Vast Edge offers you OCA for having better collaboration in-between users, discovering better insights, and analyzing data smarter and more accurately.

BI Publisher

Vast Edge offers you a reporting solution to manage and delivers all your reports and documents easier and faster. It also offers web browser and desktop tools to create everything from pixel-perfect customer-facing documents to interactive management. You can view or schedule reports online while delivering thousands of documents per hour with minimal impact to the transactional system.

Data Visualization

Leveraging OCA, Vast Edge helps you gain better data analyzation and data-based decisions more quickly and easily. Also, recommends automated charts and graphs to quickly build compelling stories. NPL empowers you text and speech for conversational search and analysis and frequently ask questions to get answers.

Azure PowerBI

Azure PowerBI lets you extract maximum value from your data, conduct a seamless collaboration in-between user and bring real-time data insight across your organization. Vast Edge helps you automate analysis of your datasets and provides quality and actionable insights leveraging Azure PowerBI. With built-in connectivity and integration, Vast Edge assists businesses to bring the most out of their business intelligence efforts. Vast Edge's Azure PowerBI deployment features include:

  • Creating reports to identify trends and key performance indicators that move your business forward.
  • Creating different reports for different users, building a new report page, and refining your visualization.
  • Embedding stunning, interactive data visualizations in applications, websites, portals to showcase your business data in the context.

Google Looker

Google Analytics deploys an integrated end-to-end multi-cloud platform to analyse and model data to embed data experience and tailor data applications. Vast Edge provides you Looker BI platform to build your data application, unlock the data value in the database and deliver impact through data experience. Leveraging Looker Platform, Vast Edge helps you harness technologies like:


With next-generation data warehouse with near-infinite scalability, it powers directly to your DW rather than extracting the data like most tools.


It reduces wait time, operationalizes workloads, and gets the predictive metrics that you need.


It easily handles hierarchical data and writes the correct, performant SQL.


It estimates and manages the cost and charges of query and query data.

Cloud Integration

PaaS cloud hosts an integration hub of various applications and data, builds and runs data connectors, and deploys rules that govern the movement of data among applications. PaaS cloud enables enterprises to manage integration in-house, application programming interfaces and control data quality.
Vast Edge helps you leverage an iPaaS package to connect applications with databases, business rules governing interactions, and tools to manage software integrations. Also, it relieves the enterprise of the burden of developing software connections and maintaining hardware. It further adds:

  • Insight big data in tables.
  • Elastic and scalable architecture.
  • Performing Batch and Stream Processing.
  • User-friendly software and flexible integration.

Cloud Database

PaaS Cloud offers a complete development and deployment environment that empowers you with simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications. It is designed to support a complete web system and empowers your cloud infrastructure with servers, storage, and networking capabilities. PaaS allows you to avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing software licenses. Other benefits of the PaaS cloud are:

  • Reduces coding time to new applications such as workflow, directory services, security features, and search.
  • Pay-as-you-model along with sophisticated development software, business intelligence and analytics tools.
  • Enhances development capabilities while adding new members to your team.
  • Internet-accessed projects let you collaborate with far-residing employees.

PaaS Cloud Warehouse

PaaS cloud warehouse enables you to integrate your system with your data sources, handles data ingestion, and automatically prepares and optimizes data for analysis. It also provides an easy-to-use fully autonomous database that scales elastically, delivers fast query performance and requires no database administration.
Vast Edge provides a PaaS warehouse solution for auto-figuring data pipelines and bringing in-minute data analysis. Leveraging AI/ML, Vast Edge automatically prepares, cleans, and optimizes your data for analysis. We further figure out clusters, integrations, data optimization, and machine instances. Vast Edge enables you to integrate data from existing sources, quickly prep the data for analysis, and visualize the output with BI.

PaaS Cloud Artificial Intelligence (AI)

PaaS Cloud AI enables you to process and analyze big data at high speed, analyze visual, audio and text content, make predictions and easily perform complex calculations. Also, it delivers speedy results, extensive computing power, limitless storage and high virtualization capabilities.
Vast Edge helps you process an enormous amount of data, offer pre-trained models and algorithms and provide ready-to-use APIs for various AI functionalities. Leveraging AI functionalities, the benefits that Vast Edge’s solution includes are:

  • Offers additional technical support and consulting services to reduce technical challenges.
  • Delivers high scalability on projects without worrying about the computational power.
  • Pay-as-you-go model to effectively control your cost and time on projects.
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