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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing and deploying and managing the services through Microsoft-managed data centers.


NetSuite offers several advanced modules you can license based upon your specific business needs, with Improved Operational Efficiency for Purpose-built Integrated System


Vast Edge has created many software like SuiteCommerce Advanced, DRaaS, Training Guide etc. To provide the complete satisfaction to the client with the scalable cross-platform and cloud infrastructure, complete data recovery solution and much more.


It is a software suite which allows you to perform advanced analysis, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, data management that lets us fit best even in the changing business conditions.

Importance Of Business Software to an Organization

The use of software for the improvement, processes and data management for businesses is extremely important.
The business software serves different purposes, which depends on the needs of each business.

Accelerated growth

NetSuite Integrated Software adds additional sales channel for the faster speed because of the accounting management processes and data. It helps businesses for upsell and cross-sell for better efficiency.

Business Continuity

Microsoft 365 lets your organization continue to operate as normal in the case of a disaster. No matter what happens to your physical devices, your email, files and data are safely stored in the cloud.

Analytics on-the-go

NetSuite Analytics software solution embeds real-time dashboards within the custom applications. Also, in the latest updates in NetSuite 2.0 iOS, users can get analytical data even when they are offline.

Capability to Recover the Data

Microsoft Azure has the capability to recover the data within a span of time in case of any failures and will make sure the business will continue without any impact.

Access Files Anywhere

Microsoft's office 365 allows your organization to store all the files in the cloud. This means they can be accessed on any device.

Data Management

SAS is mainly used for data management, analytics and business intelligence, also it has wide range of statistical procedures.

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