Why NetSuite for Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery

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NetSuite Data Management Infrastructure provides assurance of data recovery, completely replicated and backed up data, which is available whenever and wherever you need it. With multiple levels of redundancy, NetSuite assures uninterrupted access to the data with replication of data across all data centers.

Why Backup NetSuite?

In an organization, data in cloud-based applications can be lost due to various reasons. Data loss can take place due to any malicious activity or because of a cancelled account subscription, or maybe an employee accidentally deletes important data. So, backing up cloud data is important for cloud disaster recovery as backing up on-premises data.

If we are not prepared for any harmful data loss in advance, it may leave enterprises going out of their businesses. NetSuite offers better disaster recovery planning by backing up all files in a safe place.

Benefits of NetSuite Backup and Cloud Data Recovery:

  • Affordable Way to Back up your Data:

    Due to the affordable backup feature, all types of business owners are able to get access to the powerful back up system. It supports every type of business activity.

  • Reduced Data Loss Fear:

    With NetSuite back up and disaster recovery, you will be prepared for the recovery of any harmful unplanned data loss event or corruption in advance. All files in the NetSuite platform are stored in multiple data centers.

  • Automatic Backup:

    With NetSuite backup system, we don't need to spend a lot of time managing the backup procedures, rather it can simply be done by scheduling for file backup.

  • Access your Files Anytime:

    When the files are uploaded on NetSuite, they will be updated to the server immediately. We don't need to follow any complicated procedures.

Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan:

NetSuite is a unified cloud business management solution, including ERP, CRM and ecommerce. It provides worry-free data protection with automatically and continuously replicated and backed up data. Every business need disaster recovery to avoid failure and enable data protection for compliance. Without a better plan and data backup, you're risking mission-critical applications and data, irreplaceable data.

1. 40% of businesses fail to reopen after experiencing failures in the system.
2. More than 75% of SMB businesses don't have a disaster recovery plan.
3. More than 90% of companies experience unplanned data center outages in almost one year.

Security Features Offered by Vast Edge's NetSuite Integrated Solution:

While integrating NetSuite solution in your business, we need to set a private connection between the on-premise network and cloud infrastructure.

  • Industry Grade Experience:

    Integrated NetSuite solution supports custom encrypted APIs integrating token-based app authentication and multi-factor end-user authentication

  • Role-Level Access:

    A complete audit trail has been performed to keep track of every transaction through user credentials.

  • IP Address Restrictions:

    There is a feature to filter the end-user that can access the NetSuite account from any device or location, and it would be helpful in reducing the risk of unauthorized third party.

  • Strong Password Policy:
    The integrated NetSuite solution offers robust password configuration like OTP or time-based expiration.

The NetSuite backup solution provider enables businesses to leverage data to export, integrate, better analyzation and disaster recovery to accomplish the daily activities. It offers a lot of flexibility and endless benefits for your business. This architecture is very important as it is encrypted, secure and updates records in real-time.

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