Top IoT Trends Shaping the Future of Digital World

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The Internet of Things has become one of the transformational trends in today's digital era. The future of digital is evolving radically and IoT has become a part of almost every walk of our life. With the emergence of Industrial IoT, many companies are now looking at the Internet of Things as a big opportunity to shape the future of their businesses.
Many big entrepreneurs and industry experts have pegged Industrial IoT as the next generation internet revolution. Adopting to the bigger IT transformation ever-mobile, cloud, and big data; requires businesses to execute analytics modernization and improve effectiveness. With the right type of IoT product, companies can work on enhancing their customer service experience and can also improve their business productivity by using latest IoT analytics tools.


Internet of Things- Shaping the Future Digital Landscape

IoT holds a promising future for the enterprises who believe in innovative business with early adoption to interconnected device ecosystem. As the IoT is transforming everything from work to life, business opportunities are endless and the days are not far when people will experience new information sources running on their fingertips. For the business owners who are looking for rapid revenue growth possibilities, it is important for them to pay attention to the hottest IoT trends that are shaping the future of digital business transformation. IoT will soon prove an asset for generating unprecedented customer experience as it revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their customers in the real world.

IoT and Business Intelligence

To deliver high-performing digital services at scale, enterprise owners need to change how they create business strategies and implement business intelligence and analytics in true sense. Many global companies are still working in the near-time window and thus experience considerable delay in accurate analysis of big chunks of data arriving from different IoT sources.
The major factor causing such limitation is the not using advanced BI migration tools that are capable of processing big data elements with high efficiency. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of a kind digital ecosystem that helps businesses in understanding the customer needs and optimizing product performance. It is gradually becoming a reality and will soon change the entire perception of BI. IoT supports real-time data analysis by integrating disparate systems into single interconnected application framework.

IoT and Wearable Technology

The top trending application of IoT is wearable technology. Oil and Gas industry is one such application area where companies are using Connected Worker software suite to create a well-connected IoT device ecosystem that ensures worker safety by providing real-time situational awareness.
Today we are reaching close to a sweet spot for wearable devices whereby we can connect quickly and remotely with real-world objects. The major driving force behind the wearables market escalating to new heights is the modernization of analytics platform so that it could link the IoT to applications and help in generating better business outcomes.

IoT and Healthcare

Internet of things in medicine verticals is supporting the demand and development of tightly-coupled gadgets that could transform almost everything ranging from secure EHR delivery to quick patient health recovery. The new digital landscape has witnessed many new technological developments, and the most important are in the domain of healthcare.
It is hard to find the right information at the right time in the medical field, but IoT makes it possible. With Connected Health, doctors can securely streamline clinical workflows as well as monitor the patient's health status through remote monitoring devices. This ultimately helps in improving the quality of patient care and also facilitates patients to call for help in emergency situations.

IoT and Platform Connectivity

Smart technology solutions transforming the modern business and social network connecting people worldwide has given birth to an emerging concept of Industrial Internet. The Internet of Things is rapidly changing the industrial internet landscape from retail marketing to media and entertainment, and from mining to manufacturing, . With greater connectivity and advanced functionality, there seems to be nothing that can't be connected to the Internet.
Marketers and social networking engineers look forward to IoT as the top catalyst for delivering a personalized connected service experience. Harnessing the potential of IoT ecosystem helps marketing professionals to build long-term relationships with their customers. With the data-driven marketing analytics, companies can better understand their customer behavior and gain insights of customer intelligence to increase customer satisfaction.

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