Case Study: Optimized field collaboration to autonomously share CAD Designs between EDMCI HQ and field programmers

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Executive Summary


Electrical Design and Motor Control Inc. is a turn-key control systems integrator that has been changing the conveyor and controls industry for over 30 years. Since its conception in 1986, EDMCI's philosophy has been to operate based on four main values; Innovation, Integrity, Experience, and Design.

EDMCI's Requirements

EDMCI was looking for a lower cost solution to improvise their communication and content sharing with field resources. The solution had to be near real time, automated, fast, rule based for access of CAD files by customer and programmer, two

The Challenge

EDMCI's operations are heavily dependent on communications between HQ and field programmers. EDMCI had been experiencing delayed sharing and communication of content with their field employees working at client sites. In addition to this, the programmers had to login and manually download the CAD files. Also, there was lack of role based access to design files.

The Solution

Vast Edge Inc did an assessment of their existing Infrastructure, applications, data, operation processes, and then recommended that they move their application to OCI (Oracle Infrastructure Cloud). Vast Edge migrated their system from on-premise to Oracle Cloud within a few days. In order to improve application performance, increase its availability, responsiveness and consistency, VastEdge provided software installer that would split the large files, encrypt them, compress them and then integrate it back on the cloud. The solution also used OCI's policies to provide rule based access.

The Result

>> Improved Application performance.
>> High availability of Cad files in near real time, leading to faster and better customer service.
>> Scalability with highly reduced cost (Terabyte instead of user based licensing fees).
>> Time Saving, as with OCI, more work was done in less time with less resources.
>> 24/7 Support from Vast Edge Inc that helps EDMCI to efficiently manage critical design application and files.

"The Oracle Cloud platform is enabling EDMCI with improved application performance, increased availability of the application, and consistency in design collaboration. In addition, the 24/7 responsive support from Vast Edge's Cloud Managed Support Services addresses issues quickly."

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